Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: How much does it cost to participate?

A: There is no fee to enroll in Logix Rewards. Simply open a Logix Rewards credit card, or enroll your Debit Card in the program.


Q. How do I earn points?

A: With the Logix Rewards program, you earn 1 point for every $1 in net new retail purchases that you charge on your Logix Rewards Credit Card and 1 point for every $2 in net new retail purchases that you make by signing your name (vs. entering your PIN) with your enrolled Logix Debit Card. For more information, please see the Terms of Use section.


Q: How can I redeem my points?

A: Once you have earned enough points for a reward, redeeming is simple. You can use the website or call us to turn your points into rewards. Our online redemption center is convenient and easy to use; it is open 24 hours a day, so you can check your point total and request a reward when you have the time. You can shop for a reward, choose from the available options and even book an airline ticket - all without leaving your computer.


Q: What types of rewards are available?

A: The Logix Rewards Program offers travel, gift certificates, cash back, electronics, and merchandise. Our travel rewards include airline tickets, hotel stays, and auto rentals. You will also find gift certificates to popular merchants in a variety of categories including shopping, dining, home/office, entertainment and more. Please see our Rewards page for details.


Q: How many points can I earn?

A: Under the Logix Rewards Program, you can earn unlimited points each month.


Q: How will I know how many points I have accumulated?

A: You can view your points balance by logging into the Logix Online Banking service anytime, 24 hours a day or by calling 800-810-4271. Your accumulated points will also appear on your Logix statement. Points are updated in real-time within the online redemption center.


Q: How long will points remain in my account?

A: Points that you earn will remain in your account and will not expire as long as your account is active. Logix defines “active” accounts as follows: Rewards Credit Card: must have a valid purchase transaction within the past 12 months. Enrolled Logix Debit Card: Must have a valid “signature-based” transaction (vs. a transaction made by entering a PIN) within the past 12 months. Accounts that do not have a valid transaction for 12 consecutive months will be considered inactive and any earned points will expire.


Q: How do Rewards points accumulate?

A: Your Logix Rewards points accumulate based on calendar month cycle, not on your credit card statement cycle.


Q: If I close my account, can I still redeem points?

A: Your Logix Rewards account must be open and in good standing in order to redeem points.


Q: Can I combine points I earn on Logix Rewards card with those earned in frequent flyer programs or on other mileage cards?

A: No. You cannot combine points from other airline frequency or points programs.


Q: Can I give my earned points to another member?

A: Yes. You can perform a Points Transfer to another member. You will need the other member’s credit or debit card number and their last name to complete your points transfer. For further assistance you may call 800-810-4271.